Jaguar English

Jaguar English is on sale now!

Now you can play and talk English at the same time.

This game dedicates to people which have great interest in communicating English language but at the same time don’t want to sit on the books or listen to the discs, but to play real game with their friends. Until now that possibility did not exist. The author study in Tel Aviv College subject call “problem of study” and have big practice in private clinic of Dr Lev Levit.

His patients were children which have problem of study. He’s also spent many years in traveling and investigation of people with problems of communication around the world, which brings him the idea about that game that includes competition, gamble, targets, luck, money and the final award is the ability of communication in English language.

Imagine to yourself that now you can sit with your friends and play an exciting game, which includes gamble, competition, luck, surprise, targets, money, but at the same time you talk English language. Sounds interesting? Try it and your English level never stays the same. How many times have you tried to study English? That was so boring and hard, wasn’t it? Now this game is a solution to your problem.

Spend your time with your friends while you talk English. Is that possible to play exciting game with your friends and study English at the same time? Now it is possible!